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Donation to Grace Healthcare Services Corp allows the Board of Directors to allocate the funds where needed in the subordinate entities. Donations made directly to Grace Clinic, Grace Pharmacy, Global Health, or Street Medicine will be used exclusively for those programs. Services and pharmaceuticals are at no charge for needy that qualify

Grace Clinic

Donations to Grace Clinic will help maintain, expand and provide ongoing support for a clinic facility to provide healthcare to the homeless and other indigent individuals in the Gainesville, FL area

Grace Pharmacy

Donations to Grace Pharmacy will help provide a wider range of pharmaceutical products to more individuals in need

Global Health

Donations to Global Health will support multi-disciplinary medical teams & international medical education

Street Medicine

Donations to Street Medicine will bring acute, pharmaceutical services, and links to social service programs to the people who need it most: the unsheltered, homeless population of Alachua County

Grace Healthcare Services Corp. Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Statement

At Grace Healthcare Services Corp., we fight the battle against healthcare disparity. We believe healthcare starts with compassion and respect for our patients

and each other. We embrace and nurture the underserved, uninsured and homeless. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, ability/disability, race or

color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, education level, ability to pay, economic status, or national origin. All are included, all are served.

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) Florida Non-Profit Corporation established to provide healthcare and related services, including pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements, for underserved populations and needy individuals.

Our Vision

A world with less health disparity and where more people have the opportunity to reach their full potential

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide healthcare and related services, including pharmaceutical products and supplements, for the underserved populations and needy individuals.

Our Goals

Expand pharmacy services to all qualifying, needy individuals in the Alachua County area

Establish a clinic where partner orgainizations can provide medical care to indigent and needy individuals in Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding area

Support multi-disciplinary medical mission teams and international medical education

Bring accute medical care, pharmaceutical services and links to social service programs to the unsheltered, homeless population of Alachua County

Board of Directors

Meet Our Team

Harvey G ​Rohlwing, MD


UF College of Medicine Courtesy Faculty and Emergency Medicine Global Health Initiatives Liaison; Volunteer Medical Provider with UF Mobile Outreach Clinic, Alachua Area Medical Reserve Corp, and Levy County Continuity Clinic; Retired UF Emergency Medicine Attending Physician and Clinical Faculty; Past-President Florida College of Emergency Physicians.

hrohlwing@yahoo.com • ​(352) 219-4689

Katherine Vogel Anderson, PharmD


UF College of Pharmacy Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmocotherapy and Translational Research; Pharmacy Residency Program Director; American College of Clinical Pharmacy, UF Student Chapter Faculty Advisor; UF Faculty Senate Chair and UF Board of Trustees Member 2018-2019.

Jonathan Grant Harrell, MD


UF College of Medicine Assistant Professor of Community Health and Family Medicine; UF Mobile Outreach Clinic Program Director; Co-Founder Gainesville Christian Ministries Health Clinic; Teaching and Research Interest in Social Determinants of Health.

Tim Rogers, RPh


​Community Pharmacist in North Central Florida since 1972; Grace Pharmacy Manager and Volunteer Pharmacist; Pharmacy Team Leader and Consulting Pharmacist on Numerous International Medical Mission Trips; Past-President and Current CME Coordinator, Alachua County Association of Pharmacists; Past-President Florida Pharmacy Association.

timrogersrph@yahoo.com • ​(352) 262-4856

Edwin M Brown, RPh


Semi-retired Community Pharmacist in North Central Florida since 1995; Grace Pharmacy Director of Operations, Trainer, Computer Systems Specialist, and Volunteer Pharmacist; Team Pharmacist on Numerous International Medical Missions Trips; Past-President, Current Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, Alachua County Association of Pharmacists; Retired US Army Colonel and Congressional Liaison Officer.

casper28@aol.com • (352) 317-6656

Jon DeCarmine

Board Member

Jon DeCarmine serves as the Executive Director of GRACE, a one-stop assistance center and low-barrier emergency shelter in Gainesville, FL. He oversees emergency and permanent housing programs, strategic planning, and visioning. His work is guided by two core principles – that everyone deserves a safe place to call home, and that the idea of human beings sleeping on our streets is not “normal,” but rather an unacceptable indication of policy failures and broken systems.

jdecarmine@gracemarketplace.org • (352) 792-0800 x 106

Rupert Heard

Board Member

Lived Experience. Educated in finance, followed by unfortunate business events, Rupert eventually experienced homelessness. For three and a half years, he gratefully received medical assistance, pharmacy assistance, and more recently, housing through GRACE. Now, “back on his feet,” Rupert is working and a proud proponent of GRACE and its services.

rupertheard638@yahoo.com • (352) 256-6422

Lorry S. Davis, M.Ed.

Programs Administrator

Lorry comes to Grace Healthcare Services Corp with 30 years of non-profit management experience. She currently serves as Executive Director for the Florida Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Eastern Pain Association, and has served as Executive Director for five other physician specialty societies.

lorry4@earthlink.net • (904) 994-6944

Elizabeth Williams, PhD.

Volunteer Grant Writer/Coordinator

Key Staff

Mary Brinkley, Pharm.D., RPh, Pharmacy Staff Coordinator


Jack Martin

Major Donors

Betsy Berry, RPh
Nate O'Donnell
Satchel's Pizza
Dr. Stephen Landay, MD
Trinity United Methodist Church


Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 1PM - 5PM

Grace Pharmacy

Grace Pharmacy was established by Grace Healthcare Services Corp to supply medications at no charge to qualifying patients who otherwise could not afford them.


Grace Pharmacy will provide medications from our formulary to patients of participating safety net clinics. We currently are providing services to patients of the Helping Hand Clinic, UF Mobile Outreach Clinic, and Equal Access Clinic. UF Mobile Outreach Clinic, Alachua Area Medical Reserve Core and Equal Access Clinic.

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As funding expands we hope to be able to offer medications to a wider range of patients in need. Grace Pharmacy is staffed mostly by volunteers

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Global Health Partners

Grace Healthcare Services Corp supports a multi-disciplinary medical team that is partnering with the Haitian non-profit Caribbean Harvest Foundation, the University of Florida (UF), and the Universite d'Etat d’Haiti (UEH) in efforts to improve health and access to medical care in several remote fishing villages around Lac Azuei and Lac de Pelegre in Haiti.

Caribbean Harvest has been working in Haiti for over 15 years to develop sustainable fish farming. In addition, Caribbean Harvest has coordinated efforts to provide housing, education, clean water and medical care in many of the fish farming villages. In support of that effort, Grace Healthcare Services Corp teams have traveled to Haiti on a regular basis since 2013. The teams set up and run medical clinics, perform health and nutrition assessments, and provide medications, health education, family planning services, and follow-up care for chronic disease management.

Grace Healthcare Services Corp has also worked to establish a cooperative agreement between the University of Florida College of Medicine and the Universite d'Etat d’Haiti Faculte' de Medecine et de Pharmacie to provide for medical student exchange and international medical education. We continue to support UF medical and pharmacy students on annual global health trips to Haiti, working and learning side-by-side with UEH medical and pharmacy students. We also support UEH senior medical students coming the the University of Florida for clinical rotations in Emergency Medicine.

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Hours of Operation:
Alachua Area Medical Resrve Corps
Helping Hands
UF Mobile Outreach Clinic
Mon 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Wed 2:30PM - 5:00PM
Th 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Grace Healthcare Services Corp constructed a medical clinic at GRACE Marketplace in 2016 to provide healthcare to the homeless and other medically indigent individuals in the Gainesville area. The physical space is provided rent-free by the City of Gainesville and Alachua County.

Grace Healthcare Services Corp has partnered with the University of Florida Mobile Outreach Clinic, Helping Hands Clinic, and Alachua Area Medical Reserve Corp to provide ongoing support, equipment and supplies necessary to operate the clinic. The clinic space and supplies are used by the various partner organizations for regularly scheduled medical clinics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The clinics provide acute care and chronic disease management for hundreds of individuals who otherwise would have no access to care. Your donations will allow us to continue, and hopefully expand, the health care services provided for the poor and needy.

Donate To Grace Clinic

Homeless Outreach and Street Medicine Program

Most homeless people in Gainesville live on the margins of the city, away from medical services and lacking reliable transportation and many times the necessary insurance coverage to access these vital services. For this reason, Grace Healthcare Services in partnership with The University of Florida College of Medicine, the Alachua County Department of Social Services, and Meridian Behavioral Health, has created the new Homeless Outreach and Street Medicine Program (HOSMP). Teams of medical students, health professionals, and behavioral specialists are bringing their services to the streets.

In addition to a combination of acute medical care and prescription refills, the HOSMP team will also provide connections to housing programs and other social services needed by people living in homelessness, as well as supply basic necessities like food, clothing, and hygiene products. By taking compassionate care of the most vulnerable among us, HOSMP is helping heal bodies and minds to create better futures.

No community can be truly prosperous when so many don't have access to the basic physical and mental healthcare that will help them transition from a place of desperation to begin their journey of self sufficiency. The less access the homeless population has to acute care services, the more dire their situations will become, leading to extensive emergency room visits.

The Homeless Outreach and Street Medicine Program can mitigate the need for emergency room services by addressing health needs before they escalate.

Your gift makes it possible for this team of partners to bring acute medical care, pharmaceutical services, and links to social service programs to the people who need it most... the unsheltered, homeless population of Alachua County.

Donate to the the Street Medicine Program

logo Grace Women's Clinic logo

In September of 2021, the Alachua Area Medical Reserve Corp began operating a women’s health clinic at GRACE Marketplace on the second and forth Monday every month, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Grace Women’s Health Clinic provides physical and mental health services for the underserved women experiencing homelessness who are living at GRACE Marketplace, unsheltered homeless women, the working poor, uninsured and other needy women in the Alachua County area. Grace Healthcare Services Corp built and maintains the facility, provides the equipment and supplies needed to run the clinics.

Approximately one third of GRACE Marketplace’s 120 residents are female. The Center on Violence Against Women, US Council of Mayors, Urban League, & National Coalition for the Homeless have each found homeless women `particularly vulnerable to sexual violence at rates as high as 92%'. Pregnant homeless women (sometimes at GRACE) experience very adverse birth outcomes.

We support the Women’s Clinic with a safe and comfortable setting, with our staffing partners the Alachua Area Medical Reserve Corps, Alachua County Department of Health, and the Alachua County Rape Crisis Center, providing the care. The Women’s Clinic provides general medical, gynecological, limited/initial pre-natal care with referral, and sexual assault evaluation with onsite counseling by Alachua County Rape Crisis Center staff.


Give us a call at (352) 792-0800 ext. 133 or write to us at: timrogersrph@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

2611 NW 37th Terrace
Gainesville, FL 32605

Grace Pharmacy Address:

3055 NE 28th Drive, Room 1304
Gainesville, FL 32609

Grace Clinic Address:

3055 NE 28th Drive, Room 700
Gainesville, FL 32609

Homeless Outreach and Street Medicine Program:

3055 NE 28th Drive, Room 1304
Gainesville, FL 32609


(352) 262-4856

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